Introducing the Galactic Cow!

Conversations about teaching, the Universe, and everything

For those of you who noticed that I haven’t done much writing in the last couple of months, I’m jiggling with happiness to share what’s been taking all my writing energy – meet The Galactic Cow! I wanted to have a couple of episodes completed before making the formal introduction and Season 1, Episode 2, Moving With Hope, dropped today.

As we all do, I have listened to my share of podcasts. I have especially enjoyed some of the tv series relisten pods, or the trend of making behind-the-scenes style pods that drop with each new episode. One day, I found myself thinking how much fun it would be to do something similar with podcasts I loved, through the lens of teaching, learning, and revisioning education. I didn’t know of anything like that, so I asked Ambar if she was interested, and the journey began.

We’ve been working on this project for the better part of a year. It has been much more satisfying, and time-consuming, than I could have imagined but after a truly ridiculous number of hours spent talking, researching, recording, starting over, writing, talking some more, realizing we had bitten of much more than we realized, then trying yet another format, learning about production, and creating Galactica’s website. Finally, we dropped our first mini-episode (i.e. show teaser), and then our first full epsiode, and now it all feels really real.

This pod is where we are exploring a concept we are calling “emerging consciousness,” and its connection to teaching, learning, and organized education. Emerging consciousness is a collection of ideas, philosophies, creative endeavor, voices, bodies, plants, animals, energy, thoughts – all the life-affirming, generative endeavors and beings that move us, as a species, into a space of joy, wonder, imagination, liberation, and justice. We chose these words first as a tribute to adrienne maree brown’s breathtaking work around emergence. Second, because we believe that we are, perhaps for the first time, consciously participating in our own evolution – part of an ongoing effort to grow into our fullest potential as creative beings.

We have both been deeply influenced and shaped by amb’s emergent strategy work (well, all of her entire brilliant body of creativity) and have discussed it often as part of other collaborative projects. Emergent strategy is the launch point for emerging consciousness, and listeners will hear it elements and concepts threading through our discussions, and as one of the connectors across podcasts and other cotent.

Galactica, our celestial host

Why Galactica? Galactica was born after listening to adrienne’s Style Like You interview. In that interview, she talks about her cow tattoo and just like moo!, Galactica sprang fully formed into our minds. I drew her, and she spends her days wandering through the celestial highways and byways, dreaming us into new and magnificent futures.

You can find us where all the coolest podcasts live (Spotify, iTunes, iheartradio, etc). We would love you to add your voice to the conversation, bring ideas back to your circles of friends and collaborators, Like, Share, Subscribe – all the things we do to lift each other’s dreams and aspirations into the Universe.

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